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Your boudoir session is a head game

Boudoir. It’s all just a head game

You are ready for your boudoir session. You’ve read the boudoir prep guide and assembled your wardrobe. And now, all these emotions are coming to surface. I’m here to tell you that being scared is normal. Being unsure is normal. I’m also here to tell you that I will help you sort out those feelings. Talking about what to wear is important before your boudoir session, but so is talking about all those emotions that might creep up on you. It’s different for everyone, and can be overwhelming. I can guarantee that with a phone chat, or an encouraging email, I have you. I always have you. And given the opportunity to talk about women’s insecurities, what makes us tick, and how I’ve seen the benefits of a boudoir session, I’m the girl to talk you. And talk and talk I will!

How to manage your expectations

Go into your boudoir session with an open mind. Trust the process. Trust me, your boudoir photographer. Being in tune with your body and yourself in the present moment is key to a desired outcome. Removing the thoughts of losing the last 10 pounds, or thinking you’re not worthy of a self care treatment will skyrocket your boudoir experience. When I tell you it’s all a head game, I’m telling you it’s all a head game. Get out of your head, and out of your way girl! 

Meet me in the middle

You hold the power. Read that again. YOU. I can only prepare you and educate you for your boudoir experience, as much as you allow me to. I am THE best hype girl you will ever meet, but you have to be open to hear and feel the greatness that you are. If it’s just for the few hours we spend together, let go and feel your power. Remember the badass that booked the boudoir session? Yeah, she’s here and she’s ready to see what I see. But you need to meet me there. I promise you, you’ll never want to leave.

Choose the Boudoir Photographer that’s right for you

Do your research and be intentional. There are so many talented photographers to choose from. Make sure boudoir photography is a large part of their body of work. If it is, then they will know that it’s more than just pretty pictures. It’s so important to connect with the right boudoir photographer. A boudoir session is probably one of the most intimate experiences that you will encounter in your life, with a perfect stranger. That requires an incredible level of comfort and trust, from both you and your photographer. You can do all the steps necessary to book your boudoir session, but I can’t stress enough, how important of a role connection, understanding women, and comfort plays in delivering you the best boudoir experience.

Like I said earlier, get out of your head, and out of your way girl. Make room for experiences and uncomfortable situations. I can guarantee that on the other side of fear is a world full of opportunities and desires that are yours for the taking. 

See you in the studio xo

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