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The simple, sexy wardrobe choice

Starting off this series of journals where we’ll be spotlighting wardrobe choices you can make for your boudoir photoshoot, is a button down shirt. You know there’s nothing more personal, and uniquely sexy than stealing a shirt from your lover’s closet to bring to your session. I’ve always preached that you shouldn’t fret too much about what you’re going to wear, when there are so many things you probably already have on hand. Many clients choose this little number and I am always so thrilled to incorporate this into your boudoir session. 

“Your boudoir photoshoot is not all about the lingerie. You’d be surprised what you already have in your closet you can use for your session.”

No lover you say? Then bring your own shirt! Gives the business on the outside, sexy on the inside vibes. Nothing more flattering than your own button down shirt hugging all your delicious curves! Whether you keep the shirt on, or play with different wearing options, like off the shoulder, no bra underneath, a sexy lingerie set, or just holding it, it’s damn sexy; any way you slice it! 

Not sure what to wear for your boudoir session? I’ve got you!

So, remember not to overthink the wardrobe process too much. I’m here to take away the stress of booking your boudoir session. Between all the chats we’ll have leading up your boudoir session, and The Boudoir Prep Guide you’ll receive, you’ll be put to ease in the wardrobe choices you make. You’ll see that it really isn’t about the lingerie. It’s what you’re wearing on the inside. The confident self talk you give yourself. Seriously, I always say if you don’t have pants on, come with the right attitude, you can make anything look amazingly sexy! Go ahead, see for yourself. 

Let’s chat about your own boudoir session or read about the different styles of boudoir photography I love to shoot. Let’s create some magic together!


Browse the boudoir photoshoot gallery for more wardrobe inspiration from clients located in St. Catharines, Niagara, Lincoln, Hamilton, Toronto and beyond.”

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