Types of Boudoir Sessions

the Boudoir Experience

Having a dedicated studio, custom built for shooting boudoir, allows me to offer multiple set changes and shooting styles. From classic boudoir to implied nude. Outdoor sessions in my country field to my luxurious Ostrich feather wings to add to your session. Black and White and light and airy. The spaces and pockets of studio light create a dream-like shooting scenario with endless creative possibilities. What’s your style?

Classic Boudoir


If you’re here for the skin, we’ve got you covered. Our boudoir style is elevated, effortless, and a beautiful celebration of the female form. Whether you are a traditional lingerie girl, or if a white sheet or sweater is what you are drawn to, we’ll take you through each classic boudoir style pose to enhance your unique features!

BLACK & WHITE portraits

Black and white images often give off a film-like vibe and add a sense of drama to photos. Your photo session will typically include at least one set of black and white shots. However, if you would rather have all color photos or prefer classic black and white, we can accommodate your preference. The choice is yours.

Black & White Portraits
Wing Sessions

WING sessions

These beautiful handmade ostrich feather Wings are a great add-on to your session! Who doesn’t want to feel like an Angel? Add on a 30-minute extra set for $150. You won’t regret it.

OUTDOOR portraits

Our 7-acre property has everything you desire for an outdoor session. Long grass, wild flowers, hay fields and maple trees are your backdrop. Blue Betty is my beloved country pickup truck that is a great way to add some fun to your session. We also like to take your session to the beach… if the water feeds your soul.

White Sheet Sessions

WHITE SHEET sessions

Just you and the sheets. Classic Marilyn Monroe-inspired sessions that have just the right amount of undress to be classy and sexy without the fuss of a wardrobe. Nothing is more liberating and freeing than wrapping yourself in just sheets. The amount of undress is totally up to you.


These bold, high-contrast statement images will leave you breathless. Mostly silhouetted, these types of shots look best in levels of undress…very sheer tops, shawls and slips leave just enough to the imagination. The Art Series are black & white emotive images lit with one light source. These images are best with just a peak of the skin or opt for an implied nude look. Dramatic, expressive and artful.

Semi-Silhouette / Art Series
Maternity Boudoir


I absolutely love to document this most amazing time in your life. My spin is not your typical maternity session. It’s all about capturing the beauty that radiates from you. To remind you that you are still a sensual being. There is nothing more beautiful and powerful than a woman growing a little human!

BRANDING sessions

You are your brand. There is nothing more important than showing up for your business. My in-studio branding sessions are far from traditional. With a more relaxed approach, you’ll walk away with relatable images that reflect your personality and your brand. If showcasing your business is part of your brand, we can take your branding session to you. Whatever best suits your image, we’ll discuss and plan for the ultimate outcome that best represents you and your business.


PORTRAIT sessions

Photographing women has been my passion for my entire 12-year photography career. Boudoir in specific because of its empowering aftermath. Portrait sessions are the other side of my photography business where I have the pleasure of shooting families, lovers, engagement and mommy and me sessions. My clients are a large part of my success and I absolutely love capturing women in all parts of their lives. With their lovers or their children, I do sometimes shoot people with their clothes on!

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