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My husband surprised me with a session with Deb for my 40th birthday. I had been looking at her Facebook page for at least a year. I loved how amazing and natural everyone looked. I had twins at 38 and was happy that I had “mostly” gotten my pre-pregnancy body back and I really wanted to celebrate that accomplishment. I absolutely loved the whole experience. It was well worth the 4+ hour round trip drive!!


I went to Deb to do my first shoot for my now husband back in 2017 for our wedding. It was something I’ve always thought of doing but never really felt confident enough! So I bit the bullet and did it! BEST DECISION EVER! Fast forward a year and I decided to do another one. This time for me! What woman doesn’t need to feel strong, sexy and confident once and awhile! If someone was to ask my opinion or come to me and say they are on the fence about having a session done I would tell them 100% jump on it! But do it for yourself, not for anyone else! Everyone deserves to feel empowered! You’re no exception!!


It was an experience like I never expected. I never expected to feel like a sexy goddess, learn to love myself as I am at this moment. I was also informed that this experience is addictive. So addictive I came back for round 2!  Round one opened my eyes, where round two celebrated my newfound freedom of not giving shit what others think, because, damn I got this!


Originally I planned my shoot as a gift for my boyfriend who was turning 40 that year but boy was I wrong. It was for me. I was so nervous. I  messaged Deb and told her even she couldn’t work her magic on someone as ugly as I was and I believed it. I tried to cancel the day before. But Deb was so amazing, she reassured me and talked me off that metaphorical ledge. I, in my lingerie laughed during our session but I cried on my way home. I felt beautiful, strong, and sexy. I keep pictures on my cell phone to look at when I think ugly thoughts. My boyfriend tells me on most days how sexy I am but it’s hard to see yourself through someone else’s eyes. My pictures, thanks to Deb, do just that. I am a fox even when I don’t believe it.


I booked a session on the recommendation of a few friends who have done shoots with Deb and the wonders it did for their self confidence! Deb made me feel so comfortable, and I’m so glad I did it! I’ve never felt so beautiful.


I had wanted to do a shoot for a few years, but always found excuses to back out, whether it was money, time, or wanting to get in shape first. I finally booked and hoped to give them to my husband for his birthday. I was so nervous, I’m usually a pretty private person. Both Deb was amazing! She helped me feel relaxed and excited about the shoot. I left on cloud nine, feeling like I could rule the world. My jaw honestly dropped when I recieved my pictures, I had a hard time believing it was actually me in the pictures. It made me realise that beauty is not defined by your size, and made me appreciate my new Mom body for what it had created.


Booking the shoot was a huge step outside of my comfort zone. The day of, I was a nervous wreck.  It was a battle to tame the not-good-enough gremlins.  However, all of the worry and angst completely vanished once I walked through the studio door and was met by Deb’s fun-loving energy.  The photoshoot was an absolute blast and so empowering!  I’ve never had a conversation just standing in my underwear before! I ordered my package of photos and a black album.  After doing so I realized perhaps I should also order something for my boyfriend. Yes, he was an afterthought. This session was for me. I am really looking forward to what art Deb and I will create together again.


This was the most empowering day of my life. Not only does Deb make you feel comfortable she helped dress me and accessorize me. She makes you so comfortable, and laugh. I had forgotten I was beautiful. I remembered how it made me feel to see the results of this shoot!! I told her I looked at my pics and it brought me back to reality. It isn’t the makeup and hair. She knows how to make your most inner beauty shine. Because she is such an amazing empowering woman. Talented and very funny! As she poses you, she shows you your inner beauty. The one you have always had. But now you leave owning it! She reminds you of it every time you look at your photo shoot. I don’t know any other experience that left me for weeks loving myself and wanting to lift up women after this. No matter what stage in life you are at personally this can only help you see your own truths.  And you are beautiful just the way you are today. You really are. Thanks Deb!


I have shot with Deb three times now and honestly I don’t think I will ever get enough of it. I was prepared to bare it all in what I now refer to as “my favourite sexy space” with a woman who made being naked feel as comfortable as being wrapped in a fuzzy blanket in front of a fire with a nice big glass of whiskey. Her creativity and ability to make me feel like a goddess is something I can only describe as a personal guide to learning (or growing) the love for your body. I found myself in Deb’s studio again only this time I wasn’t alone. One of my best friends had booked a shoot with Deb knowing how much I loved her and I was itching to get back to my favourite sexy space. My friend asked if I would join her and I more than happily said, hell yes! It was so empowering watching as my friend found out for herself the magic Deb creates. All three times I left feeling empowered, feeling beautiful, and knowing without a shadow of a doubt that my life and the views of my body are forever changed because of a woman and her camera.


So a year-ish ago I decided to do something out of my comfort zone. Deb made me feel welcome and comfortable from the beautifying, right down the the end of the shoot and pick up of my pics. During our photoshoot it seems that I discovered I got my sexy back. She made me feel proud of my body and the way it looked after losing weight over the years and at my lowest. During my shoot, after I heard those first few clicks of the camera, I started to feel inspired, sultry, fearless just to name a few. I can’t wait to return to do more shoots with Deb as her inspiring nature is contagious and her eye for the perfect angle, lighting and unique locations/backdrop is remarkable. Thank you for an experience I will never forget and making me feel amazing.


Deb made me feel so beautiful, so sexy, she made me feel like me again. By the end, I didn’t care what part of me was exposed, I couldn’t believe how amazing I felt. I can’t thank Deb enough for always being such a fun and amazing time. I tell everyone they need to do this. I certainly will be doing it again! I was going to give this as a present to my husband. But to be honest it ended up being more for me.


The first picture that Deb showed to me on the camera screen brought me to tears. I saw a strong and confident woman who has had to and continues to walk through fire. I LOVED what I saw and how I felt. My body is a beautiful temple, scars and all. Thank you Deb for showing me what I couldn’t see.


I left my shoot re-energized, with more confidence and another reminder that I am beautiful inside and out. I cannot recommend this experience enough. If you are sitting on the fence, jump off! Whatever your reason may be, do it! You deserve it. I can’t wait for my next session! Thank you Deb for your talent and for being an outlet for women to see just how beautiful they are!


I saw it … finally. From the day I received the photos I have not been embarrassed by my body or physical self. I learned to love myself again. Deb you and your camera do for women what no therapist, psychiatrist or any other professional can do. You make us fall in LOVE with ourselves!! A heartfelt thank you. xo


Deb has a gift for being able to make you believe in yourself.  In making you believe what a goddess, a wonder you are. I love my little black book that sits on my coffee table. This session reminded me that I am so much more than a Mom, a Partner, an Aunt, a Sister, a Cousin, a Neighbour, a Telecom Chick. I am a force to be reckoned with.


I started following Deb on Facebook.  Seeing that there was an army of beautiful women, confident women, I finally booked a session for me and only me.  I wanted to feel the self confidence and power that these women have. Deb’s energy radiates through her and the studio. My breath was taken away.  I walked into the shoot knowing I was doing this for me.  I wanted to see what people saw.  I wanted those moments captured. This was me, truly me.  In my undies and all. I walked out of the studio with my head held high and a new breath on life. That confidence has never left.


I had joined Deb’s Facebook group and I loved to admire the brave women in the photos, and wished I had the confidence and security to do a session. So, I finally booked. Deb was absolutely AMAZING at putting me at ease from the second I stepped foot into the studio. The session was incredible. Deb was able to bring out the beautiful confident and empowered person I so hoped to find. Deb has an eye and personality that only those who have completed a shoot will understand. Whenever I decide to do it again, it will be Deb at the opposite end of the lens seeking out that special sparkle. I would not trust this to anyone else. If you are reading this and are still sitting on the fence…hop off and reach out to Deb. I PROMISE YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT.


I never, ever, ever pictured myself as strong and beautiful but she helped show me that side. And I liked it. Deb documented this newer version of me in our second shoot. I feel Deb and I are so deeply connected on so many levels. We both really just want to empower women. She uses her lens and her incredible talent and I use a pair of gloves and my special way of encouraging. So incredibly thankful she’s part of my tribe.


I had seen a friends photo’s and was so impressed with them that after a couple of years sitting on the fence I finally said f$&k it!  I’m doing it no matter what my size or shape. I had seen all the messages of encouragement from many of the ladies in the Facebook group to others, so I jumped in. OMG!!! I thought I was doing this for my boyfriend for his birthday present, but it turned out that it was really for me. I saw the sexy, beautiful woman that I was no matter what my size was or how old I was. These photos reminded me that it’s possible to be sexy, hot and just plain beautiful at any age. These pics restored my confidence in myself. I’m hot as F$&k and now I have the pictures to prove it!!!!


When I got the photos back.. wow… I was shocked I could look like that, I felt beautiful and It was like seeing myself from a different set of eyes!! Booking a session was the best thing I did. Booking another session was the push I needed to love myself and stop the negative thoughts and excuses! Every now and then I like to look at the pictures and remember the feelings I had, the confidence that is in me… and I need to do another session!!


As I pulled up to this cute little place my heart started racing, I went up to the door and Deb greeted me instantly, she was so loving and welcoming, my nerves turned more into excitement. Let me tell you, about 30 seconds into the shoot with Deb, I felt so comfortable and confident. With every picture that Deb snapped, I became more and more comfortable. Deb knew every angle, position, lighting to put me in to make me shine. I left that day feeling like the sexiest mama out there! My head was high and my smile was huge, I never expected to get so much out of this shoot, but it was everything I needed and MORE. For every woman out there who is waiting for the right time, do not wait! Book now, you will not regret it, YOU are worth it.  What started out as a gift for my husband actually ended up being a gift for me. I still pull out those pics every once in a while and think back to my shoot (and also admire how HOT I am). Ladies it is OK to think you are hot, because you are and Deb will show you. I can’t wait to shoot again with Deb, it has been one of the best experiences ever.


Deb made me feel like an absolute rockstar.  Encouraging me along the way, showing me glimpses of my pictures. For the first time in YEARS I saw myself and felt beautiful, powerful, comfortable in my own skin. I felt strong, brave, and could not believe that was even me in those pictures.  For me this was far more than some sexy pictures (that was a bonus though lol) and was way more about finding my strength and worth again.  My little black book sits in it’s cute box in mw]y bedroom and when I’m feeling down or just need a reminder that I’m worthy I can take a look at them and remember that powerful feeling that lurks in here! Deb, I will always be grateful for this entire experience and what it gave to me emotionally.


I had been debating for years to do one of these types of photo shoots, but had always backed out of pursuing it for one reason or another. But this time would be different, Deb was so warm and inviting from the first time I spoke with her, giving gentle guidance and encouragement. Once we started shooting the nerves and fears all went away. Deb gave me a few sneak peaks at some of the pics as she took them and I couldn’t believe it was me I was looking at. The pure joy I felt inside looking at those few shots gave me such a moral boost I could do anything at that point. I didn’t see the extra curves and rolls, I saw a beautiful woman for really the first time looking through my own eyes. As a curvy woman sometimes we forget we are beautiful, and the images that Deb brings out from behind her camera are truly amazing. Needless to say I loved every picture, I loved myself and I loved how wonderful Deb had made me feel. So much so I am currently waiting on shoot #5! If you’re a woman that just needs to love herself more, and needs to see how truly beautiful you really are, let Deb help you see it for yourself like I did. Thank you Deb for bringing me into your wonderful Tribe of woman, your Boudie Girls, it’s such an honour to be a part of it. You really helped me clear the final hurdle and win the race to a better, stronger me.


This shoot was to hopefully boost my confidence again and make me feel good in my new mom body. Yes, I gave my husband the pictures after but the shoot and photos were for ME! Deb I have never had anyone lift me up and make me feel so amazing in my life. You are a badass and the world needs to know it! Xo


Deb is honestly amazing, and I was completely floored by her work, and the time she took during our session to make me feel comfortable! I was not at all nervous going into the session, more so uncomfortable being in very little clothing in front of a camera, but Deb makes it so easy, that after the first pose she had me in, every nerve or uneasiness was gone and I started getting excited. The excitement that Deb has during a session really made things so much easier. It is the coolest feeling having someone else who barely knows you, say how beautiful you look, or how amazing the pictures are turning out. Her excitement made me super excited to see all the pictures. You are amazing Deb! I cannot wait to do another shoot!!!


This whole experience is to be treasured! From first contact to receiving my beautiful album Deb was kind, respectful, classy, very helpful and so extremely talented. I left the studio feeling excited, powerful, sexy and like I could take on the world. We are our own worst critic but this session with Deb’s expertise left me feeling confident and comfortable with who I am! We are all beautiful and Deb reminds us of that and allows us to see ourselves in a different way! Thank you so much for this opportunity!  Simply the best


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