Why I shoot Boudoir

It’s always been about boudoir photography for me. Heck, it’s really always been about working with women. The ability to create art with the most magical form, a woman, is what my passion is. To be able to do this for a living is something I am incredibly grateful for, thanks to the brave women who come visit me. What started out as creating art 12 years ago, quickly made me realized that there is immense power in a boudoir experience. Women leave their session with a new found love, or at least a much more kinder love towards themselves. Sometimes it’s the beginning of their self love journey, and sometimes it’s the celebration of self love. Either way, making women feel good is the driving force behind why I shoot boudoir.

Wife. Mom. Sister. Friend. Women are so many things to so many people. They are the caregivers. They hold down the fort for others. They keep everything in line and moving forward. They do for others instinctually and often lose their place in line along the way. They often forget that they are sexual beings, and long to be desired; not just by others, but they long for the love that they freely give to others to give to themselves. When you start to put yourself first, you begin to feel better. To feel empowered. The trickle effect of your self-love is felt by everyone in your path.

This brings me back to boudoir. I want every woman to feel the power that comes from embracing everything that makes you, you. The power of self-acceptance. I want you to celebrate yourself in the present. A boudoir experience is so much more than just pictures. And it sure as shit, ain’t vain! Believe me, I’ve witnessed the magic that happens in the few hours you spend in the studio. It truly is magic. It may sound like an exaggeration, like really? a boudoir experience is that powerful? But oh yes. Yes, it is.

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