It’s that distinct feeling between being super nervous and equally excited. You’ll get that when you book a boudoir experience with me. It’s scary doing something different for yourself, isn’t it? But the magic in your life happens when you do the things that scare you. Stepping outside your comfort zone, and allowing yourself to be seen by another set of eyes is empowering. You’ll understand when you arrive at the studio. The nerves will slowly fade or will be forgotten and replaced by pure excitement. Of course, you’ll be in flight mode sitting in your car thinking, am I really going to do this? Should I just turn around and leave? But you won’t let your nerves get the best of you. You’ll power through the urge to lose your lunch on your walk into the studio! And then you are greeted with warm and crazy excitement from me. Hell, I don’t even let you open the door, I’m so excited to meet you!

The hour or so you spend getting pampered in the makeup chair is when you start to relax. We chat and laugh and talk about the amazing time you are about to embark on. You step in front of my lens, and I swear five minutes in, you are so done with the fear you had about what your shoot will look like, that you’ll be strutting around the studio and never wanting our time together to end. It’s so less intimidating than you would think. It’s more fun than anything. You’ll be enjoying yourself so much that you’ll forget you are half-naked in front of someone you just met. But you’ll see, when you meet me, it will be like we’ve been friends forever! I also have a way of making you feel extremely comfortable, wearing next to nothing. I would say that I am the best Hype Girl you will ever meet. I love to make my clients feel amazing! It truly feels good to make someone feel good. Am I right? Selfishly, maybe I do it because it sure does make me feel good to see happy beautiful clients!

So embrace the hard things. Feel the nerves and excitement and just do it! You’ll be laughing at yourself afterwards thinking of how silly you were to feel so utterly scared to do a session and will be thinking about the next time. The next session. Because, often, there is a second. And a third. I am one lucky girl to have so many women come back to see me. They tell me it’s a tad addictive. I can totally understand because I seriously have the best job in the entire world.

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