It’s not all about the Lingerie

Stockings, garters, fishnets, baby dolls, bodysuits, bras and panties. These are not the things that make you sexy. YOU are sexy. You just need to feel sexy. And when you feel sexy, a tank top or off-the-shoulder sweater will do the trick! My goodness, you can make anything look amazing when you feel amazing. Your boudoir experience is all about you. And if you don’t love to wear lingerie, that’s cool. If you want to be head to toe in lingerie and your favourite heals, that’s cool too! We do lots of chatting and planning when you come to the studio.

I make you do homework. Yup, homework. A boudoir experience is often a once-in-a-lifetime one, but often it is not lol, more on that later, so I want you to be truly invested in planning the best wardrobe that best represents your personality and style. Not sure what that is? I got you. Really, one of my favourite parts is helping you decide on your wardrobe.

Some non-lingerie ideas are: Jackets – leather, jean, tailored, a big sweater that can be draped off your shoulder, boy shorts, tank tops, fur coats (the studio has many you can borrow) rock t-shirts, dresses, slips, and the list goes on! I have gathered a slew of ideas on Pinterest Come give me a follow. I’m constantly updating when more wardrobe inspiration arises!

So, don’t fret when you are planning your session and your wardrobe. I got you! We’ll work together to gather one amazing wardrobe that is a direct expression of you!

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